Differentiation of the Logos

From Reason to Sacral Spirit in The Ontopoiesis of Life
  • Daniela Verducci
Part of the Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue book series (IPOP, volume 5)


Ever since her first book in the Logos and Life series (1988), Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka has undertaken a new critique of reason. According to A.-T. Tymieniecka’s phenomenological descriptions, not only human existence is placed within the unity-of-everything-is-alive, but the human creative condition stays as well within the unity-of-everything-is-alive. Two main results are so achieved: first, re-establishing contact between the transcendental phenomenological consciousness and its vital foundation in the living beingness/living agent and second, demonstrating the intrinsic creative force of the acts of the human living being. Therefore, the living human being through its invention and creation does not at all close the possibilities of life, as Scheler held; on the contrary, “it expands them into possible world of life”, for through the creative modus of human functioning there occurs a metamorphosis of the vital system of Ontopoiesis. The moral sense lies at the core of such a metamorphosis as well as the quest prompted through it is a mode of becoming but of an absolutely “spontaneous” becoming, one that does not follow a preprogrammed sequence to be accomplished but is “freely” projected becoming building on the accomplishments of each actor. It is here that a Great Metamorphosis of the Logos of Life can take place, by which the finite and its ontopoietic logic transmute into the infinite.


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