Food Chain Security in Romania

  • Liviu-Daniel Galatchi
  • Diana-Lacramioara Mihalache
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Part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security book series (NAPSC)


During the last years, Romania, as a member country of the European Union, has achieved much progress in the transposition of the Community in the field of foodstuffs. According to the commitments assumed through the position documents during the negotiation process and in order to approach in a unitary way in the field of food safety, the legislative approaches were initiated to promote and adopt a legislative document which may lead to the establishment and organization of a structure corresponding to the European model. In this case, a questionnaire was considered suitable to get a brief and objective data about the food safety, in Romania and other European countries. The questionnaire has been translated and adapted to facilitate the work of the participants, assuring that none of the questions is altered. Most of the results were obtained from the processing sector. The questionnaire was a suitable and useful method for achieving knowledge concerning food safety. It showed that the last years brought an important evolution regarding food industry and its safety around Europe, but still there are many actions that need to be taken.


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We thank our colleagues from different countries acting as the members of the Food Chain Security Pilot Study, who kindly shared information with us about their research and results of their work, all along these years. Based on the work of Momtchil Sidjimov (Bulgaria), Ales Komar and Pavlina Vasicka (Czech Republic), Hannu Sivonen and Kyösti Orre (Finland), Hami Alpas, Beyazit Cirakoglu and Faruk Bozoglu (Turkey), Madeleine Smith (UK), we have been able to write  chapter 7 Romanian Data in Comparison with Other Countries. We are grateful for their kindness.

We also thank Professor Stoica-Preda Godeanu for his helpful and suggestions during our research in Romania.


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