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This chapter concludes the book by highlighting the results obtained with the two different designs involving a linear CMOS RF power amplifier. For the dynamic supply RF power amplifier, subject of Chaps. 2 to 4, the measurement results showed a relative improvement in efficiency of a factor of 1.7 at 5.2 GHz and of 2.2 at 2.4 GHz, when compared with the same amplifier operating with a constant 2.5 V supply voltage. For the frequency-tunable RF power amplifier, subject of Chaps. 5 to 7, simulations results for the complete CMOS solution operating at 3.7 and 5.2 GHz and the experimental data obtained for an hybrid (discrete+CMOS) prototype operating at 200 and 300 MHz, led to the conclusion that a frequency-tunable RF PA based on coupled inductors is a good solution for a multiband PA. The main contributions of this book and ideas for future works on the subjects that it covers are also highlighted.


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