Bodher Pratyushe Buddhir Pradip”: The Lamp of Intelligence at the Dawn of Artistic Feeling

  • Sitansu Ray
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 106)


[The phrase “bodher pratyushe buddhir pradip nahi jwale” (i.e., the intellectual faculty has little role at the advent of reflective feeling) occurs, you know, in the poem “Dhwani” (The Soundscape) in Tagore’s poetical work “Akash Pradip” (The Sky Lamp). Tagore is very much sensitive to the visual and aural aspects of the whole world around us. (cf., “Dekha” (Seeing) and “Shona” (Hearing), two consecutive congregational addresses in Santiniketan)

The paper aims at a cozy conciliation between the voice of senses generating intense feeling and the radiation of intelligence illuminating our logical traits.

On the whole, it can be understood that intelligence and artistic feeling are always complementary to each other. The very misconception that they are contradictory has led to many an imaginary problem unnecessarily raised]


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