• Takashi Inoguchi
  • Seiji Fujii
Part of the Quality of Life in Asia book series (QLAS, volume 1)


Our findings are summarized in this chapter. Findings from each analysis of value priorities, lifestyles, 16 specific life domain satisfactions, overall quality of life—happiness, enjoyment, and achievement—and determinants of overall quality of life through regressions of those aforementioned variables are provided. In addition, a brief summary of unique grouping of 28 countries/societies based on factor analyses is provided.


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  1. Shin, D. C., & Inoguchi, T. (2009). Avowed happiness in Confucian Asia: Ascertaining its distribution, patterns, and sources. Social Indicators Research, 92, 405–427.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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  • Seiji Fujii
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