Overall Quality of Life in Asia

  • Takashi Inoguchi
  • Seiji Fujii
Part of the Quality of Life in Asia book series (QLAS, volume 1)


We measure overall quality of life in Asia by self-assessed happiness, enjoyment, and achievement. 65% of the people of 29 Asian countries and societies reported they are happy, while 10% reported they are not happy. In 29 Asian countries and societies, Brunei emerges as the greatest nation of happiness, which is followed by Maldives and Malaysia. On the other hand, the people of Tajikistan are least likely to live a happy life, and the people in Kazakhstan and Cambodia are the second and third least likely to express happiness. Eighty-one percent of the people of 15 Asian countries and societies reported they are enjoying their life, while those who do not express feelings of enjoyment constitute 19%. Among 15 countries/societies, Vietnam emerges as the nation with the greatest level of enjoyment in life, followed by Malaysia. The people of Taiwan, on the other hand, are least likely to live an enjoyable life. 12% of the people of 15 Asian countries and societies reported a great deal of achievement, 56% reported some achievement, 27% reported very little achievement, and 4.3% reported no achievement. The people of Laos are the most likely to feel achievement, whereas the South Korean people are least likely to feel accomplishment.


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