Analysis of Performance Impact due to Hardware Virtualization Using a Purely Hardware-Assisted VMM

  • Saidalavi KaladyEmail author
  • Dileep PG 
  • Krishanu Sikdar
  • Sreejith BS 
  • Vinaya Surya
  • Ezudheen P 
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 60)


This article presents a discussion on the impact of Hardware-assisted Virtualization for the ×86–64 architecture. A quantitative performance analysis has been done using a simple prototype of a purely Hardware-assisted Virtual Machine Monitor. The performance impact is measured in terms of the CPU time consumed by certain critical sections of Virtualization specific code. The analysis reveals that Hardware Virtualization at its current stage suffers from considerable performance overhead, but can be improves considerably with better hardware.


Hardware virtualization virtual machine monitor performance analysis ×86 architecture AMD secure virtual machine 


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