Free Movement of Capital

  • Gabriël Moens
  • John Trone
Part of the Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice book series (IUSGENT, volume 4)


The Treaty provisions concerning free movement of capital were replaced by the Maastricht (Union) Treaty. Under the amended Treaty all restrictions on the movement of capital between Member States, and between Member States and third countries, are prohibited (Art 63(1) TFEU). This provision has direct effect. See Criminal Proceedings Against Sanz de Lera (C-163/94) [1995] ECR I-4821 at [48]; [1996] 1 CMLR 361; Skatteverket v A (C-101/05) [2007] ECR I-11531 at [21], [25]–[26]; [2009] 1 CMLR 35 (p 975).


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