• Jeff W. Eerkens
Part of the Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality book series (TSRQ, volume 16)


In the next few decades, mankind will be facing two very serious problems: (1) oil depletion, and (2) biosphere pollution which is accelerating nature’s global warming process. A unique solution which at once can solve both of these threats does exist in the form of greatly expanded utilization of modern nuclear power. Yet many mal-informed governments, techno-phobes, and fringe environmentalists are trying to obstruct its development for no good reason other than an emotional one, preferring endless deliberations and political maneuvers instead of trying to comprehend the warnings by engineers. They are unaware they promote the collapse of modern civilization, a goal also sought by terrorists. This book was written without support from any special interest group, industry, or political party. It expresses the author’s sincere concern about the fate of future generations.


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