Genomics of Marine Algae

  • Susana M. Coelho
  • Svenja Heesch
  • Nigel Grimsley
  • Hervé Moreau
  • J. Mark Cock
Part of the Advances in Marine Genomics book series (AMGE, volume 1)


The algae are an extremely diverse group of organisms from several different perspectives; including their phylogeny, their basic biology and biochemistry, the range of complexity they exhibit and their adaptation to a large number of different habitats. As a result, algal research touches on a broad spectrum of questions ranging from the importance of algae as key species in marine ecosystems to algae as a source of novel biomolecules and bioprocesses. Two key developments have accelerated research in this field over the past few years. The first is the application of high-throughput sequencing approaches both to whole genome sequencing and to metagenomic exploration of marine environments. The second is the emergence of model organisms in several of the less well studied algal lineages. These model organisms are important because they permit efficient application of genomic approaches to these groups. This chapter will describe how genomic research is providing new insights into many aspects of algal biology and will attempt to outline where this research is likely to lead in the future.


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