Different Morphological Techniques and Methods of Quantifying the Angiogenic Response Used in the Study of Vascularization in the Chorioallantoic Membrane

  • Domenico Ribatti


Different morphological techniques can be used to study vascularization of CAM and the genes involved. The recent complete characterization of the chick embryo genome ( will be helpful to synthesize a broad panel of antibodies with high specificity for chicken tissues, especially for blood and lymphatic endothelial cells and stroma components. This aspect could be useful to better characterize the interactions between implanted human and/or mouse tumors and chicken tissues. Comparison of the genomes of chickens, mice, and humans allows to get useful insights in the similarities and differences between these organisms (Burt, 2005). Comparative genomics revealed that the chick genome is three times smaller than the one of both human and mouse, but contains approximately the same number of genes.


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