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The Interface Crack

  • J. R. Barber
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 172)


The problem of a crack at the interface between dissimilar elastic media is of considerable contemporary importance in Elasticity, because of its relevance to the problem of debonding of composite materials and structures. Figure 32.1 shows the case where such a crack occurs at the plane interface between two elastic half-spaces. We shall use the suffices 1,2 to distinguish the stress functions and mechanical properties for the lower and upper half-spaces, z>0, z<0, respectively.

The difference in material properties destroys the symmetry that we exploited in the previous chapter and we therefore anticipate shear stresses as well as normal stresses at the interface, even when the far field loading is a state of uniform tension. However, we shall show that we can still use the same methods to reduce the problem to a mixed boundary-value problem for the half-space.


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