Phenomenological Perspectives On Philosophical Didactics

Enhancing a Historical Understanding Through Explication of Subjectivity, Life-World and Historicity.
  • A-T. Tymieniecka
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 105)


I would like to explore the field of phenomenology with the aim to find resources within phenomenology to help understanding the learning processes better, and, if possible, make use of phenomenological methods in teaching philosophy to students in A-levels and freshman levels at universities. My paper is particularly aimed at the learning processes in philosophy in general, not necessarily in phenomenology. However, a certain pedagogical strengthening of the early introductions to phenomenology would probably facilitate the interest in phenomenological training, and widen its scope for practical applications in schools. As a basis for discussion I take a closer look at the historical understanding, as phenomenology views it. The theoretical framework of subjectivity in phenomenology, and the goals of pedagogical theories of learning are in some basic way compatible, where they seek to enhance the individuals understanding and meaning for its self, and this may be an opportunity to establish a primarily practical application of phenomenology in teaching. The obvious similarity, despite theoretical differences, between phenomenology, hermeneutic theory and pedagogical strategies, could be further developed into fruitful theories that could have a wider scope within the field of philosophical didactics.


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