Alkane Dehydrogenation

  • Michael Findlater
  • Jongwook Choi
  • Alan S. Goldman
  • Maurice Brookhart
Part of the Catalysis by Metal Complexes book series (CMCO, volume 38)


The dizzying array of disparate applications of alkenes has established them as perhaps the most important class of feedstocks in the chemical industry. The dehydrogenation of alkanes, the most abundant and inexpensive hydrocarbons, is a simple and attractive route for producing alkenes. This chapter addresses the challenges presented by the activation of strong C–H bonds present in alkanes and the ongoing need for the development of efficient and selective methods of dehydrogenation. In particular, the use of homogeneous dehydrogenation as an alternative to high temperature heterogeneous processes is discussed. A major focus of this review is on the deployment of so called ‘pincer-ligand’ based catalyst systems for use in transfer dehydrogenations. The development and use of supported pincer catalysts is considered.


Iridium Complex Linear Alkane Hydrogen Transfer Reaction Alkane Metathesis Olefin Isomerization 
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We gratefully acknowledge the National Science Foundation (Grant CHE-0719307) for supporting J.C., and the National Science Foundation Center for Enabling New Technologies through Catalysis (CENTC) for funding 165 aspects of the work discussed in this review, and for supporting M.F. and (in part) A.S.G and M.B.


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