Climate Services for Development in Africa with a Potential Focus on Energy

  • Mohammed Sadeck Boulahya
Conference paper
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Climate Services for Development in Africa (ClimDevAfrica) Programme is a joint initiative of the African Union Commission (AUC), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Development Bank (AfDB), to the inception of which the author has contributed since 2005. The programme has been mandated at regional meetings of African Heads of State and Government, as well as by Africa's Ministers of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, and Environment and it responds to the urgent challenge that climate variability and change pose to the achievement of Africa's sustainable development objectives. Although the programme encompasses all sectoral activities influenced by climate (agriculture, health, water management, etc.), energy should be one of the sectors with potentially high-impact demonstration projects. Weather and climate conditions are in fact critical for both energy supply and demand, including aspects such as production and transmission. The energy sector could therefore provide benchmarks for other sectors. The flow of information and climate risk knowledge across sectors should be facilitated by the holistic approach taken in the ClimDevAfrica programme. In this chapter, most of the emphasis is on the main aspects of the ClimDevAfrica programme as a whole, without specific links to the energy sector but the reader is encouraged to reflect on potential energy projects that could be developed under the upcoming ClimDevAfrica programme. This chapter gives some indications on the necessary partnership initiation to support a multi sectoral and multi stakeholder development programme needed to cope with climate variability and change. Some pilot activities for ClimDevAfrica, have started and one of them is highlighted in Appendix A.


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