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Histology of the Long Digital Tentacles

  • Yoshio Fukuda
Part of the Topics in Geobiology book series (TGBI, volume 6)


Nautilus differs from the coleoid cephalopods in possessing approximately 90 tentacles that lack both sucker disks and arm hooks. Although the gross anatomy and functional morphology have been described previously (Owen, 1832; Griffin, 1900; Dean, 1901; Willey, 1902; Bidder, 1962; Stenzel, 1964), ultramicroscopic structures and functional properties have been studied in detail only by Barber and Wright (1969). This chapter is a summary of the results of a histological examination of the paired long digital tentacles in two species of Nautilus (N. macromphalus Sowerby and N. pompilius Linnaeus).


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