Image Quality Improvement Performance Using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique Data

A Wavelet Application
  • P. AcevedoEmail author
  • A. Durán
  • E. Rubio
Conference paper
Part of the Acoustical Imaging book series (ACIM, volume 30)


A wavelet application to improve image quality using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT) Data is presented. This Application is based on a wavelet package analysis applied to RF signals sensed by transducers in a scanning process. SAFT is performed for each level in the wavelet package decomposition tree. For image forming, an addition and delay algorithm with focusing on pixels has been implemented, and calculations have been carried out using the Matlab toolbox. This method has been applied to image forming for a point reflector simulated using the Field II toolbox and for a phantom constructed using nine acrylic reflectors. Obtained results show that axial resolution is improved and formed images have a better signal-noise ratio.


Synthetic aperture focusing Ultrasonic imaging Data processing Wavelets 



The authors acknowledge the support of DGAPA-UNAM (PAPIIT IN-109207).


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  1. 1.Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, DISCA-IIMASMéxicoMéxico

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