The Unified Learning Model

  • Duane F. ShellEmail author
  • David W. BrooksEmail author
  • Guy TraininEmail author
  • Kathleen M. WilsonEmail author
  • Douglas F. KauffmanEmail author
  • Lynne M. HerrEmail author


The Unified Learning Model (ULM) is a model of how people learn and a resulting model of teaching and instruction. The academic literature is filled with models about learning, teaching and instruction. The most obvious question then is, “Why do we need another theory/model of learning?” Our answer is that the current literature contains only limited theories about isolated specific learning and instructional phenomena. As a result each of these theories explains some, but not all learning phenomena. In addition, each tends to have its own vocabulary. The result is a hodge-podge of specific learning principles and teaching guidelines that often seem in conflict with each other.

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