The Anthropocentric Versus Biocentric Outlook on Nature

  • Leszek Pyra
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 101)


The paper is of a comparative character. Within it I try to oppose the two different theories concerning the relation man-nature, the theories which in different versions appear within the contemporary philosophy of environment.

In the first part I try to examine some ecological (environmental) problems viewed from the anthropological point of view: pollution, preservation, conservation, population. Such problems are caused by humans and are ultimately humans’ responsibility.

In the second part I present and discuss the biocentric, egalitarian outlook on nature, which refers mainly to wild nature as such and which proposes some very interesting solutions of the problems caused by humans.

In the third part I point out the similarities and differences between the two kinds of theories presented and try to evaluate them in respect of their usefulness to the practical activity of man.


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