Orthodox Monasterial Complex in Contemporary Sociocultural Environment

  • Ilvitskaya Svetlana Valeryevna
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 102)


Actuality of studying the monasterial culture has been predetermined by the revival of Orthodox culture and spiritual consciousness of compatriots on the background of essentially complete loss of experience in monasterial development in Russia in 20th century. The revival of spirituality in our society and impetuous booming of hieratic construction are justified by insufficient knowledge on monasterial ensembles and temples, which simultaneously are the guardians of spiritual and creative memory in artistic and cultural heritage of the country in a uniform Ontopoesis of Life, as well as the places of pilgrimage and informative tourism.

The methods of interdisciplinary exploration of orthodox monasteries in contemporary cultural situation are connected with deep and extensive working out of a considerable volume of factual material, part of which for the first time in history is being introduced to scientific turnover.


Architectural Monument Spiritual Center Spiritual Consciousness Compositional Hierarchy Creative Memory 
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