Meta-Analysis and the Question of Being

  • David A. Ross
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 102)


Prepared for the phenomenological conference on the ontopoiesis of memory, the paper recalls the difference between freedom and its shadow, namely, promiscuity in order to delineate the logic of Being. Being (ta on) is always at the point of being forgotten, moreover, and to recall its essence means liberating it from its shadow appearances. This inquiry has implications for the dialectical-fractal form developed at greater length in Being in Time for the Music (see Cambridge Scholars Press). Freedom, I argue, is subsumed to the value of Being, freedom being what is needed in order to play the musical composition that is one’s own life. In scaling freedom, the paper renders audible the resonances belonging to its being, freeing freedom from its shadow image. The poetic quality of this ontopoiesis refers to the making out – both music and love – of the on-going wave-like resonances with which the dancer flows – as, indeed, the resonance that is that making’s voice.


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