On Knowing: Whether One Knows

  • Semiha Akinci
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 102)


I will start with a poem, which I intend to tie up to this poem firstly in response to one of my frequent lamentations concerning the lack of imagination common to most of us and secondly of Kant for the lead he gave the Romantic Idealist by refusing the possibility of knowing the realm of physical noumena. I have since regretted that, I do not do a good job of defending my criticism of the transcendental philosophy, confining myself rather to pointing out some of the unfortunate consequences of that approach, as rendered explicit in the evil of Hegel’s teaching. I would take the opportunity offered by this article to amend this failing by offering an internal criticism of the conception of knowledge on which the transcendental philosophy apparently rests. I will try to bring out the connection with the poem.


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