Microsatellite Markers for Grapevine: Tools for Cultivar Identification & Pedigree Reconstruction

  • K.M. Sefc
  • I. Pejić
  • E. Maletić
  • M.R. Thomas
  • F. Lefort

Microsatellites have become a favorite type of DNA marker for identification of grapevine cultivars, and their properties enable a wide range of applications from cultivar identification based on various parts of the grapevine plant to pedigree reconstruction and genome mapping (Sefc et al. 2001). Genetic markers have the advantage that the DNA of a certain plant is identical in all cells of any tissue at any stage of development and is not influenced by environmental or sanitary conditions of the plants. DNA can be obtained from every kind of plant tissue available, e.g. wood, leaves or berries, and analyses can therefore be carried out at any time of the year. Thanks to the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology, minute amounts of DNA can be analyzed, which extends the usefulness of the method from plant tissue to grapevine products such as must and wine.


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