Robotic Surgery for Complicated Diverticulitis

  • Giuseppe SpinoglioEmail author
  • Giampaolo Formisano
  • Francesca Pagliardi
  • Ferruccio Ravazzoni
  • Alessandra Marano
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The severity of complicated diverticulitis includes a broad spectrum of diseases and is classified according to the Hinchey classification system [1]:
  • Stage I: pericolic abscess, confined to the mesentery of the colon, usually responsive to conservative management, with a radiological drainage in the case of an abscess larger than 5 cm;

  • Stage II: distant abscess amenable to percutaneous drainage (Stage IIa) or complex and multiple abscesses with or without a digestive fistula (Stage IIb);

  • Stage III: diffuse purulent peritonitis;

  • Stage IV: diffuse fecal peritonitis;


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  • Giampaolo Formisano
  • Francesca Pagliardi
  • Ferruccio Ravazzoni
  • Alessandra Marano
  1. 1.Department of General and Oncologic Surgery“Ss. Antonio e Biagio” HospitalAlessandriaItaly

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