Surgical Techniques of Tricuspid Valve Repair in Patients Without Ebstein Malformation

  • Ali Dodge-Khatami
  • Jennifer Frost
  • Constantine Mavroudis


An incompetent tricuspid valve in patients with congenital heart disease can be detrimental to the other cardiac structures and physiology, either in its native abnormal anatomic form or the functional effect on the tricuspid valve from physiologic strains owing to pulmonary valve pathology, large left-to-right shunts, abnormal ventricular interactions, ventricular dysfunction, or iatrogenic phenomena. The tricuspid valve is an important safeguard of the heart, whose functional competence or lack thereof has significant impact on all other cardiac structures and physiology. In this chapter, various lesion scenarios and surgical techniques to repair the tricuspid valve in congenital disease are presented.


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  • Jennifer Frost
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  • Constantine Mavroudis
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