Anatomy of Quantum Tunneling

  • Neil TurokEmail author


We use complex classical solutions to provide a simple and transparent treatment of quantum tunneling. We show that the imaginary part of the tunneling coordinate may be weakly measured, and that it yields a quantum-anomalous contribution to the classically-conserved momentum of a classical von Neumann “pointer.” Further developments and applications are mentioned. [Editor’s note: for a video of the talk given by Prof. Turok at the Aharonov-80 conference in 2012 at Chapman University, see]


Classical Solution Quantum Tunneling Weak Measurement Jacobi Elliptic Function Bubble Nucleation 
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I would like to thank Yakir Aharonov, Carl Bender, Michael Berry and Curtis Callan for encouragement, and other participants of this exciting meeting for many useful discussions.


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