• Carlo Nicola De Cecco
  • Marco Rengo
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Early Gadolinium Enhancement

  • Useful to assess cardiac thrombus and no-reflow phenomenon.

  • 2–5 min after contrast medium administration.

  • Inversion time: 460 ms.

  • Cardiac planes: 4CH, 2CH, LVOT ± SA.

Ebstein’s Anomaly

  • Characteristics: congenital malformation with dysplasia of the tricuspid valve and abnormal attachment of the tricuspid leaflets (septal and inferior) leading to an apical displacement of the valve, resulting in atrialization of the right ventricle and a small RV chamber with significant tricuspid regurgitation.

  • Associated with pulmonary stenosis/atresia, VSD, and ASD.

  • Ebstein’s anomaly when the AV valve offset is >8 mm/m2 or >15 mm; otherwise talk about dysplastic tricuspid valve.

  • MR: (1) Measure offset between AV valves plane in the 4-chamber view; (2) degree of RV atrialization; (3) RV volumes and function; (4) severity of tricuspid regurgitation.


  • ECG interpretation during MR examination is limited due to the magnetohydrodynamic effects.

  • ECG aspects that can be...


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