A Hierarchical Task Analysis of Merging onto a Freeway—Comparison of Driver’s and Driver Model’s Task Representation

  • Astrid Kassner
  • Martin Baumann
  • Lars Weber
Conference paper


This paper presents the results of a Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) that show how drivers represent the driving task of merging onto the freeway. These individual representations were examined to precise and improve a cognitive driver model which simulates freeway merging manoeuvres in a real-time driving simulator. It could be demonstrated that the goal hierarchy of the drivers corresponds to the goal hierarchy of the driver model in several critical aspects regarding the contents of the goals. However, both hierarchies differed regarding the process in which some goals are achieved. Probably a consideration of the processes that are part of the drivers’ goal hierarchy will improve the validity of the driver model.


Hierarchical Task Analyisis Merging onto a freeway Derives model 



This work was done within the German national project IMoST (Integrated Modeling for Safe Transportation) funded by Ministry of Lower Saxony for Science and Culture (Germany) 2007–2010.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.DLR German Aerospace CenterInstitute for Transportation SystemsBraunschweigGermany
  2. 2.OFFISInstitute for Information TechnologyOldenburgGermany

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