Radial Head Prosthetic Replacement with the Avanta Implant

  • Bernard F. Morrey


The first English reference we can find to prosthetic replacement of the radial head is that of Speed in 1941 [1] describing a Vitallium implant employed in three patients. Cherry [2] discussed limited experience with an acrylic implant a decade later and the use of a silicone radial head implant was popularized by Swanson [3]. The logical reason to use a radial head implant is to restore function. Success may be measured by the effectiveness to restore axial or angular (valgus) stability; by enhanced strength, or ultimately by relief of pain. Morrey et al. [4] have shown the radial head is an important stabilizer of the elbow if the medial collateral ligament is deficient or in the presence of deficient distal radio-ulnar stability. King et al. [5] subsequently demonstrated that such instability can be effectively addressed by a metallic, but not by a Silastic, radial head implant.


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