Advances in Neuromorphic Hardware Exploiting Emerging Nanoscale Devices

Volume 31 of the series Cognitive Systems Monographs pp 65-79


Memristor-Based Platforms: A Comparison Between Continous-Time and Discrete-Time Cellular Neural Networks

  • Young-Su KimAffiliated withPolitecnico di Torino
  • , Sang-Hak ShinAffiliated withPolitecnico di Torino
  • , Jacopo SeccoAffiliated withPolitecnico di Torino
  • , Keyong-Sik MinAffiliated withPolitecnico di Torino
  • , Fernando CorintoAffiliated withPolitecnico di Torino Email author 

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In this chapter, theory, circuit design methodologies and possible applications of Cellular Nanoscale Networks (CNNs) exploiting memristor technology are reviewed. Memristor-based CNNs platforms (MCNNs) make use of memristors to realize analog multiplication circuits that are essential to perform CNN calculation with low power and small area.