Advances in Neuromorphic Hardware Exploiting Emerging Nanoscale Devices

Volume 31 of the series Cognitive Systems Monographs pp 45-64


Neuromemristive Systems: A Circuit Design Perspective

  • Cory MerkelAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • , Dhireesha KudithipudiAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology Email author 

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Neuromemristive systems (NMSs) are brain inspired, adaptive computer architectures based on emerging resistive memory technology (memristors). NMSs adopt a mixed-signal design approach with closely coupled memory and processing, resulting in high area and energy efficiencies. Existing work suggests that NMSs could even supplant conventional architectures in niche application domains. However, given the infancy of the field, there are still a number open design questions, particularly in the area of circuit realization, that must be explored in order for the research to move forward. This chapter reviews a number of theoretical and practical concepts related to NMS circuit design, with particular focus on neuron, synapse, and plasticity circuits.