From Rabindranath Tagore to Rituparno Ghosh: Domestic Space, Gender and the Nation in Chokher Bali

  • Pathik Roy


Chokher Bali is set in the years immediately preceding the Partition of Bengal. As a result, the domestic space in Chokher Bali is a space inscribed by the myriad strands of nationalism, tradition, modernity, femininity and questions of emerging consciousness about ‘the woman question’ that engage in a creative open-ended interplay. The present paper initially seeks to read this space of domesticity as a political space where the nation is expected to be performed through its women in the ghar, the home as opposed to bahir, the world. It does so by reading the novel together with Rituparno Ghosh’s film of the same title.


Home Colonial modernity Patriarchal hegemony Nationalist femininity Politics of space 


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