On a Generalization of the Second Theorem of Bourbaki

  • D. D. Kosambi


The name of Bourbaki first appears in the published literature in this paper. As described by André Weil, the prank was designed to deflate a senior colleague’s ego, presumably by demonstrating the greater familiarity that Kosambi had with modern methods and the then current literature.


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    D.D. Kosambi, Modern differential geometries. Ind. J. Phys. (to appear).Google Scholar
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    Topologicheskie Metody v Variatsionnykh Zadachakh. Math.-mech. Forschungsinstitut, Moskau, 1930, pp. 69–73. I am indebted to Dr. A. Weil for this important reference, and for permission to use his private reprint. I understand that Schnirelmann’s work is shortly to be published in German, and this will undoubtedly fill a considerable gap in the existing literature. It is also highly desirable that Bourbaki’s posthumous papers, at present lodged with the Leningrad Academy, should be published in full. Unofficial reports claim that Bourbaki was shot after the Minkhii Znak affair with other members of the ‘Russko-Angliskii Slovar.’Google Scholar

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