Ordered-Disordered Perovskite Cobaltites

  • Asish K. KunduEmail author
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Perovskite cobaltites have two possible forms of the A-site cations distribution depending on the type of cations or the synthesis procedures. The first reported compounds on perovskite cobaltites are the A-site disordered structure and the other one is A-site ordered perovskites also known as layered 112-phases. In 1997, a large value of magnetoresistance was reported for ordered perovskite cobaltites, LnBaCo2O5.4. This leads to enhanced interest because of their potential applications in improving magnetic data storage, magnetic sensors, solid oxides fuel cells and oxygen separation membranes. Aside from potential applications, the perovskite cobaltites also exhibit rich phase diagram spanning a wide range of magnetic properties and phenomena like charge ordering, orbital ordering, spin/cluster-glass behavior, electronic phase separation etc.


High Resolution Electron Microscopy Temperature Dependent Magnetization Spin State Transition Electronic Phase Separation Oxygen Separation Membrane 
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