Multi-view Video Summarization

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Video summarization is the most important video content service which gives us a short and condensed representation of the whole video content. It also ensures the browsing, mining, and storage of the original videos. The multi- view video summaries will produce only the most vital events with more detailed information than those of less salient ones. As such, it allows the interface user to get only the important information or the video from different perspectives of the multi-view videos without watching the whole video. In our research paper, we are focusing on a series of approaches to summarize the video content and to get a compact and succinct visual summary that encapsulates the key components of the video. Its main advantage is that the video summarization can turn numbers of hours long video into a short summary that an individual viewer can see in just few seconds.


Video summarization Euclidean distance Key frames Spatio temporal Threshold values 


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