Automatic Headline Generation for News Article

  • K. R. RajalakshmyEmail author
  • P. C. Remya
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 410)


Newspaper plays a significant role in our day to day life. In a news article, readers are attracted towards headline. Headline creation is very important while preparing news. It is a tedious work for journalists. Headline needs maximum text content in short length also it should preserve grammar. The proposed system is an automatic headline generation for news article. There are several methods to generate a headline for news. Here the headline is generated using n-gram model. After pre-processing, extract all possible bi-grams from the news. Frequency of bi-grams in the document is found out and sentence is identified. Select all sentences in which the most frequent bi-gram appears. After that rank the sentences based on the locality of the sentence in the document. Then highly ranked sentence will be selected. Finally using some phrase structural rules, new headlines are generated.


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