Retinal Blood Vessel Extraction and Optic Disc Removal Using Curvelet Transform and Morphological Operation

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This paper proposes an algorithm for automatic blood vessel extraction and optic disc removal on retinal images using curvelet transform and morphological operation. Since the curvelet transform represents the lines, the edges, the curvatures, the missing and the imprecise boundary details compactly, i.e., by smaller number of coefficients, they can be tuned suitably to enhance the image details. To remove the optic disc, the edge enhanced image is first opened by a disc-shaped structuring element which is then subtracted from the inverted histogram equalized image. Next, the poor dynamic range of the subtracted image is enhanced followed by multi-structure opening with linear structuring element to extract the vessel structures and remove the spurious components. Extensive simulations on publicly available DRIVE database show that the present work outperforms the existing works for various types of vessels extraction and the optic disc removal.


Retinal image segmentation Vessel detection Curvelet transform Morphology 


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