Edge Preserved De-noising Method for Medical X-Ray Images Using Wavelet Packet Transformation

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X-ray image is one of the prominent modality of medical imaging used in medical diagnosis. This may be corrupted with Gaussian noise due to thermal fluctuations during its acquisition. For reducing these noises a method is applied which combines the Anisotropic Diffusion filter with an edge preserved Wavelet Packet Transformation. Here the edges are detected in each sub-band using Sobel edge detection operator and preserved by excluding these edge coefficients during hard thresholding. This method has proposed a new technique to calculate a threshold value for each sub-band of Wavelet Packet. The quality metrics SNR, RMSE, SSIM, Precision, Accuracy and etc. are used to measure the performance of this method and shows that this approach is better as compared to other noise reduction methods like Adaptive Median Filter, simple Anisotropic Diffusion and simple Wavelet Packet Transformation.


Wavelet packet transformation Anisotropic diffusion Edge detection Conduction coefficient Wavelet coefficient Precision 


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