An Approach to Overcome Startup Issues Using Serious Game

  • Aiswarya Gopal
  • Kamal Bijlani
  • Vinoth Rengaraj
  • R. Jayakrishnan
Conference paper


In the business world, the term “startup” is frequently ringing the bell with the high frequency of young ventures. The main dilemma of startups is the unsuccessful management of the unique risks that have to be confronted in the present world of competition and technology. This research work tried to bring out a game based methodology to enhance enough real-world experience among entrepreneurs as well as management students to handle risks and challenges in the field. The game will provide experience to the player to overcome challenges like market problems, running out of cash, poor management, and product problems which can be resolved by a proper strategic approach in the entrepreneurship world. The proposed serious game works on the life cycle of a new software enterprise where the entrepreneur moves from the planning stage to secured financial stage, laying down the basic business structure, and initiates the operations ensuring the increment in confidence level of the player.


Startup Simulator Business model Serious game Poor management Risk management Game based learning 



We thank Amrita E-Learning Research Lab and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University for all the support and facilities provided for completing this paper.


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  • Aiswarya Gopal
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  • Kamal Bijlani
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  • Vinoth Rengaraj
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  • R. Jayakrishnan
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  1. 1.Amrita E-Learning Research LabAmrita Vishwa VidyapeethamKollamIndia

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