Hap: Protecting the Apache Hadoop Clusters with Hadoop Authentication Process Using Kerberos

  • V Valliyappan
  • Parminder Singh
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 43)


Hadoop is a disseminated framework that gives an appropriated file system and MapReduce group employment handling on vast bunches utilizing merchandise servers. Despite the fact that Hadoop is utilized on private groups behind an association’s firewalls, Hadoop is regularly given as an issue multi-inhabitant administration and is utilized to store delicate information; as an issue, solid validation and approval is important to ensure private information. Adding security to Hadoop is testing in light of the fact that all the co operations don’t take after the fantastic client server design: the record framework is parceled and disseminated obliging approval checks at different focuses; a submitted bunch employment is executed at a later time on hubs not the same as the hub on which the customer verified and submitted the employment; occupation assignments from distinctive clients are executed on the same register hub; In this paper to address these difficulties, the base Kerberos confirmation system is supplemented by assignment and ability like access tokens and the idea of trust for optional administrations.


MapReduce HDFS ACL GPS Kerberos RPC Lucene Nutch Oozie Setuid 


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