A Survey on Texture Image Retrieval

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Retrieving images from the large databases has always been one challenging problem in the area of image retrieval while maintaining the higher accuracy and lower computational time. Texture defines the roughness of a surface. For the last two decades due to the large extent of multimedia database, image retrieval has been a hot issue in image processing. Texture images are retrieved in a variety of ways. This paper presents a survey on various texture image retrieval methods. It provides a brief comparison of various texture image retrieval methods on the basis of retrieval accuracy and computation time with the benchmark databases. Image retrieval techniques vary with feature extraction methods and various distance measures. In this paper, we present a survey on various texture feature extraction methods by applying variants of wavelet transform. This survey paper facilitates the researchers with background of progress of image retrieval methods that will help researchers in the area to select the best method for texture image retrieval appropriate to their requirements.


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