“Jugaad”—The Creativeness for Selection of Software Development Methodology Advisory System—Fuzzy Expert System

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Globalization and technical revolution are raising several challenges to the software development sector. Over the past 50 years, software has evolved as a specialized problem-solving and information analysis tool to an industry, but now it is facing multiple challenges. The objective of this study is to landscape current knowledge, in terms of productivity and find out its impact on the software development. To resolve such problems, “Software Development Practitioner” needs to find out a flexible way (Jugaad) for development. “Jugaad” is the Indian common man’s philosophy to achieve the dream goal within the available resources. The researcher has made earnest attempts to study the steps to be undertaken to make the flexible module. The goal of this paper is to rectify the present hurdles and hassles in development approaches by representing “Selection of Software Development Methodologies Advisory System” on the basis of reference of fuzzy expert system.


Productivity of software development Factor affecting productivity JUGAAD Fuzzy expert system Uncertainty Selection of software development advisory system 


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  2. 2.Department of Computer ScienceNDAKhadakwasala, PuneIndia

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