Nanoclay/Polymer Composites: Recent Developments and Future Prospects

  • K. Priya DasanEmail author
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 75)


Clay can be counted among the most widely investigated and commercially high demand filler in the polymer industry. Recently there has been a growing interest for the development of polymer/clay nanocomposites due to their superior properties compared to conventional filled polymers even at a very low fraction of filler addition. The easy availability, processability, low cost, and nontoxicity of clay and the advancements in the processing of clay nanocomposites have invited a lot of commercial attention for these materials. The value-added properties enhanced without sacrificing of pure polymer properties make the clays more and more important in the modern polymer industry. Today it finds a wide range of applications ranging from household items to aerospace to medicine. This chapter looks at the chemical and physical aspects of this wonderful material, clay/polymer nanocomposite processing techniques, and the commercial importance of these nanocomposites.


Nanoclay Nanocomposite Intercalation Exfoliation 


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