Abnormal Body Proportions and Dwarfism at Birth

  • Benjamin Joseph


Dwarfism that is evident prenatally and in the newborn constitutes a small proportion of all the types of dwarfism that occur in children. Though the dwarfism per se is easily recognized on antenatal ultrasound scans, establishing a definitive diagnosis of the type of dwarfism is more difficult and needs the skills of an experienced radiologist. Despite this, the accuracy of prenatal diagnosis of dwarfism has improved in recent years; precise diagnoses have been reported with ultrasound (Wladimiroff et al. 1984; Trujillo-Tiebas et al. 2009; Jones et al. 1990) and CT scans (Miyazaki et al. 2012; Mace et al. 2013; Tamaru et al. 2009).


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