Design Research Model: Establishing a Link Between Design Education, Practice and Theory

  • Gayatri MenonEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 34)


The first part of the paper elucidates the challenges of design research as well as some of the approaches towards design research. The challenges of design are primarily due to the nature of design and the understanding of ‘knowledge’ and ‘truth’ in design. Design is a practice based profession and is considered to be dynamic, contextual and creative. This has resulted in a multiplicity of approaches to design as well as a need for new methods and approaches to design. Research to arrive at new methods and approaches in design could seek knowledge from design practice to build design theory. Design education is unique for its pedagogy based on practice. The paper proposes a research model to link design practice, education and research. It is argued that establishing links between educational institutions, industries and researchers could enable the study of design practice and help develop models and frameworks for design.


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I would like to thank Prof. Chakravarthy, Prof. Athavankar and Prof. Malshe from IIT-B for their critical insights and inputs. I would also like to thank students and faculty from NID as well as the industry representatives who took part in the research study based on the proposed research model.


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