Research in Visual Ethnography Focusing on Markets of Kanpur

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Documentation of visual culture makes up a valuable repository of information and is used for anthropological analysis and preservation of cultural heritage. The authors did the research following empirical methods, to understand human behaviour, patterns of exchange and communication, kinship and social structure, gender relations, socialisation, religion and local experience. Research includes absorbing visual elements using photography as a tool. This documentation and presentation project focussed on few major areas. The experience of being in semi urban markets from the perspective of visitors, the seller consumer interaction, the multitude of things on sale, and also on the stories of sellers themselves who make up the place in the system that it is. Data gathered was critically assessed and presented graphically in a visual form. Using collection of images, illustrations and text stating facts & insights associated with the images, a repository of ‘visual essays’ is made. This is a source of meaningful information for students or professionals researching about local semi urban markets, or to travellers coming to the city as for this research we have taken into consideration the local market places of Kanpur.


Qualitative research Visual ethnography Culture Tradition 


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