DFT and Wavelet Based Smart Virtual Measurement and Assessment of Harmonics in Distribution Sector

  • Haripriya H. Kulkarni
  • D. G. Bharadwaj
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 31)


This paper presents MATLAB based VI measurement for harmonics using DFT and WT. Results of both the techniques are compared and validated against the standard power analyzer. It is proved that DWT based VI have promising performance. For Data collection fifteen field visits are done to IT Industries, Steel Industries, Paper Industries, workshops etc. Sample of the readings are considered for analysis purpose. It is observed that the current harmonics generated are beyond the tolerable limits and many literatures are available in the area of Harmonic measurements but they do not have the capacity to identify the limits of harmonics as per the standards. In this paper GUI is developed in connection with MATLAB simulation to assess the harmonics and identify the normal and abnormal presence of harmonics with green and red colors respectively. Through this colour coding technique an unskilled worker can easily identify the objectionable presence of harmonics. It creates the awareness in the utility for measurement and control of harmonics which in turn helps to improve the PQ.


Discrete Fourier transform Wavelet transform Power quality Graphical user interface Virtual instrument 



The project work is being carried out in Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University COE, Pune. The Authors wish to thank authorities of BVDUCOE, Pune for granting permission to publish the work. Special Thanks to MSEDCL and MSETCL for collection of data at Consumer end.


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