A New (n, n) Blockcipher Hash Function Using Feistel Network: Apposite for RFID Security

  • Atsuko Miyaji
  • Mazumder Rashed
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 33)


In this paper, we proposed a new (n, n) double block length hash function using Feistel network which is suitable for providing security to the WSN (wireless sensor network) device or RFID tags. We use three calls of AES-128 (E 1, E 2, E 3) in a single blockcipher E′ so that the efficiency rate is 0.33. Surprisingly we found that the security bound of this scheme is better than other famous (n, n) based blockcipher schemes such as MDC-2, MDC-4, MJH. The collision resistance (CR) and preimage resistance (PR) security bound are respectively by O(2 n ) and O(22n ). We define our new scheme as JAIST according to our institute name.


AES Deal cipher model Collision security Preimage security 


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  1. 1.Japan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyNomi-ShiJapan

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