Effective Pattern Discovery and Dimensionality Reduction for Text Under Text Mining

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Huge data mining techniques have been used for mining useful pattern in text document. Text mining can be used to extract the data in document. It is effectively use and update the discovered pattern; still the research is not yet completed. The existing approach is term-based approach; they suffer the problem of polysemy and synonymy. In the past years, people have used pattern-based approaches for hypothesis, which perform better than the term-based ones, but many of the experiments do not support this hypothesis. This paper presents a new idea about the effective pattern discovery technique which involved the processes of pattern deploying and pattern evolving, to improve the effectiveness of using and updating discovered patterns for finding relevant and useful information.


Text mining Polysemy RefixSpan FP-tree SPADE SLPmine GST 


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  1. 1.Department of Information TechnologyBannari Amman Institute of TechnologySathyamangalam, ErodeIndia

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