Development of Home Automation System by Using ZigbeX and Atmega128 for Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Nik Khadijah Nik Aznan
  • Yeon-Mo YangEmail author
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Home automation systems have become one of the interested areas among the researchers for many years due to various advantages it offers to human as well as to the environment. Despite this fact, only relatively small number of the system implementation is available as a tutorial for undergraduate study. This paper presents a framework and a test bed of home automation systems by implementing the cost effective ZigbeX and Atmega128 with TinyOS. Through a house model, the proposed systems are able to control the lights and curtain depends on the light intensity measured by the photodiode on the ZigbeX. The design offers a user-friendly control of the system, and the system is flexible and expandable in terms of adding more sensors for future work.


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) Personal area networks (PANs) TinyOS IEEE 802.14.4 TOSSIM Packet analyzer Mica-Z Home automation 



This paper was supported by Research Fund, Kumoh National Institute of Technology (


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